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  Museum of Hunting and Fishing The Museum of Hunting and Fishing is a unique museum in Russia. It was established and is maintained by the Russian Union of Hunting and Fishing Societies (Rosohotrybolovsoyuz), and offers free visits. The museum is first of all a cultural center aimed at raising an environmentally-competent young generation with a love for nature that has a respect towards hunting and fishing, as well as studying and honoring the age-old Russian hunting and fishing traditions. It offers traditional excursions for pupils and experts, classes with students from specialized universities, videos about the environment and its protection, children’s master-classes on animalier art, holidays and other events.

The museum exposition is much wider than the usual departmental museum. It covers a wide range of issues: the history of hunting and fishing in Russia, the history and activities of the Hunters and Fishermen Society, the importance of biotechnical measures, traditional types of hunting, hunting weapons and equipment, hunting dog breeding, as well as amateur and sport fishing. The museum is small, but its exposition is very rich. In addition to documents, the museum presents high-quality taxidermy works, models, stained glass windows, ancient man’s instruments, hunting trophies, cups, photographs, objects of applied hunting art and other exhibits.





Email: museum.rors@mail.ru

Guided tours are available on request.